Cassandra Kish

Vidyaa Vinyasa

September 2012

Cassandra Kish has 30 years experience in Health related fields. She has worked in Thailand, USA , France and Mexico. Currently in Paris, Cassandra has worked with Salma Hayek (Actress, Director, Producer and Academy Award Nominee),  The Mexican Ambassador to France, the American Ambassador to the OECD, Rodolphe (Star coloriste in Paris), Francois Henri Pinault (Chairman of PPR Co-Chair of the PPR Foundation) , Antonio de la Rua (son of Xpres of Argentina and architect of his fathers campaign), Shakira (Columbian pop singer), Denis Menochet (French actor, Inglorious Bastards, Dans la Maison, je me suis fait tout petit) Opera singers and Film Production Companies. Cassandra was the Personal Trainer to the President of Janssen Pharmacuetica, a Johnson & Johnson Company. She Set up the Yoga program at Janssen as well as at McNeal Consumer Products.

In 2005 Cassandra produced “Human Rights Benefit”, proceeds going to Tibet House. The weekend was headlined by Robert Thurman, Donna DeLory, Dharma Mittra, Kathy Mcnames, and Jim Donovan…She continues to develop programs for Human Rights, celebrities and top corporate executives.

After graduation, Cassandra worked for Adidas USA as a Key Account Coordinator and then became the Technical Merchandiser for all stretch categories including Running and Cross Training. Working for Adidas afforded her the opportunity to meet athletic superstars like Ivan Lendl, Stephie Graf, Hershal Walker, Patrick Ewing, Dolph Lundgren and Sylvester Stallone. Cassandra enjoyed working in the athletic clothing industry and continued on to work for Bloomingdales NYC and Danskin.

  »Become a Gladiator on Your Yoga Mat“

At the age of 24, during a knee surgery, she sustained an injury to her leg that left her with a disability called “Drop Foot”. Unable to walk, Cassandra was forced to leave the Athletic Clothing Industry. She was told by several doctors that her condition would deteriorate within a few years and she would be unable to walk without the use of a ‘leg brace’. Not accepting this unhopeful opinion she sought help. Cassandra had been recommended to see a Doctor in Philadelphia. His name was Dr. Elliot Diamond and his reputation impressive. Dr. Diamond specialized in the most hopeless cases and was seeing extremely good results. Cassandra signed on to do a 3 year, 3 time per week Rehab. Dr. Diamond used ‘Gate Therapy”, Acupuncture, Biomechanical foot taping and at the time, a little known therapy called PILATES to get her back on her feet.

 Pilates changed her view of the disability. The fear that the disability would take her spirit and her livelihood disappeared. She was seeing physical, emotional and tactical results that were mind blowing. She was learning to do the work that her foot couldn’t, with her core muscles. Dr. Diamond retrained Cassandra to walk, go up and down steps, drive and complete all movements necessary to ‘get through the day’. As part of Cassandra’s rehab, Dr. Diamond recommended that she do Yoga as acompliment to the Pilates. In 1988 Cassandra went to Bikram’s Yoga College of India to take classes and learn the HOT series first hand from the pros. Cassandra loved the HOT Yoga series and continued practicing daily until 1995, when she took her first Baptiste style class from Baron in his Philadelphia studio. Soon after she was recruited by Baptiste to teach in both his Philadelphia and Cambridge studios where she remained until 2001 when she opened Vidyaa Yoga in Bucks County, Pa.

Soon after opening her own studio in Bucks County Pennsylvania USA, Cassandra met Dharma Mittra. Cassandra and Dharma have maintained a friendship and she is proud to be one of Dharma’s students.

She returned from a 2 year post in Bangkok Thailand where she acted as Senior Yoga and Pilates Instructor. She set up the Pilates program…including ‘series sequence’, teacher training and marketing.

She came to Paris in Sept 2007 to organize the Yoga/Pilates program at Elysee 63. The project was funded by Sting and Trudy Styler.

Cassandra has done workshops including..“Yoga and Pilates as a healing modality”.. “Juggling strength and flexibility Injury Prevention” at ‘Rider University’, United States Naval Air Station @Willow Grove and The New York Yankees minor league Baseball team, Trenton Thunder.

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